Fun Family Portrait Photography ~ Bunkers and Bones

Bunkers and Bones

A three-phase shoot within 2 hours; forest, hilltop and military bunkers (former CFB Debert)…

New clients, from Calgary, contacted me through email requesting the Babineau experience for a Family shoot, while home from out west.

The Childs Family was up for the mission. Willing and able…

We headed to Debert, for an on-location aesthetic blue sky and newly budding trees for our background.

Phase one, was a walk through the forest at MacElmons Pond Provincial Park that lead to a hilltop hike before ending at the picnic tables for a rest.

Alice, James and beautiful 9 year old Malory (who traveled home to visit from Calgary) ventured off with my assistant and I from the park to Deberts’ military bunkers for a bit more ‘out of the ordinary’ family shoot … Could not have asked for better. The clouds were perfectly floating by, the sunshine kept the early evening sky lit and the green graffiti suited Malory’s cool pose to a T. Yet the black flies, bird droppings and small rodent bones could have been done without.  Ultimately, they provided me with amazing images. Creative, outgoing and pleasing ‘PG’ fun. hehe

I couldn’t stop saying “Just one more”, “Wait, I promise, ill only take 6 more pictures. I Promise”.

Here a just a few

Fun Family Portrait Photography